What Is Waves?

Waves is an open-source (MIT License) Ruby Web framework for Web applications.

Today’s Web applications must embrace a wide variety of scenarios that don’t really fit the Sun MVC paradigm that has dominated Web-based application architecture in the past. Think Ajax, Adobe Air, mashups, OpenID, rich-client mobile apps, and so on.

Waves helps you meet these challenges by providing a rich DSL for dealing with HTTP instead of trying to hide it from you. Waves Resource classes are faster and more flexible than Rails-style routing. And our mixin approach provides just the architectural magic that your applications need, and nothing more.

Is Waves Under Active Development?

Yes. Waves is in active use at AT&T (or at least it was last I spoke to anyone about it, which, at this writing was mid-summer, ’10) and, of course, at Border Stylo.

That said, Waves is turning out to be a precursor to an even more REST-friendly framework that we have yet to announce.

Try It Out

Waves is currently at version 0.9.3. (You’ll need gemcutter.)

On The Web

Presentations On Waves

I’ve given enough talks on Waves now that it seems worthwhile making it easier to find them. Fortunately, Coby Randquist has basically been stalking me (or, possibly, vice-versa, hard to say which) and, as a result, all of my talks are available on-line. In order of recent-ness: