On Nelson Mandela and Sport

What can we learn from Nelson Mandela's interest in Rugby?

Humans are tribal by nature, it seems. Sport provides a relatively harmless outlet for that. And when I say “harmless”, I mean, “better than war.”

Perhaps we ought to be breaking the tribal habit. At the same time, in a world with so much suffering and so many perils, perhaps we ought to embrace every opportunity for celebration.

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Was The NCAA Too Harsh?

Maybe that statue wasn't such a good idea.

You’d think that no penalty would be too harsh for the Penn State football program. Yet we’re seeing exactly that reaction from some in Big Media.

My normal cynical interpretation would be that Big Media never likes anything that threatens to undermine the institutions it reports on. God forbid, we all lose interest in college football altogether.

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Facebook Is The New AOL

Those CDs made handy compacts for the ladies.

Back in April, I wrote a little screed declaiming Facebook’s failures around privacy and why they had ultimately led me to delete my account. At the time, my blog was read mostly by friends and co-workers. I just wanted to convince as many of them as possible to follow suit, so that I wouldn’t miss out on any good parties.

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The Death Ray And The Lean Startup

First, a word from our sponsor, <a href="http://www.wetanz.com/holics/index.php?itemid=742&catid=4">Goliathon</a>, maker of awesome weaponry.

When I was but a fledgling entrepreneur, like most fledgling entrepreneurs, I became frustrated with the process of trying to raise money for my fledgling venture. Now, this was during the “dot-bomb” era, and so raising money was supposed to be easy. We also had an increasingly vocal contingent of curmudgeons, wondering why we couldn’t just earn our money like everyone else, with hard work and everyday construction materials.

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Why You Should Still Quit Facebook

It’s no exaggeration to say I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to my post on why you should quit Facebook.

To those of you who shared your stories about leaving, or took the time to clarify some of the reasons for doing so, thank you. Apparently, I was hardly alone in making the decision to quit, or at least seriously considering it.

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